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Hey, all.

I'm taking a brief leave of absense, so don't try to post anything cuz it'll just que up on my mod page. (Well, you can submit them, but they won't show up until I'm back on)

See you later!!!
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name game

Happy ____ Day Y'all!

Ok, I've got a game we can all waste our time playing that I really love. I stole it from someone at the 'foot message boards. Here we go:

I'm going to type a lyric and you comment with any lyric you want from any SF song AS LONG as it starts with the same letter that mine ends with.

For example:
Sunshine, won't you be my mother

you comment with a lyric that starts with the letter R.

Got it? Ok. I'll start it off with:

I'm a plane in the sunset, with nowhere to land.

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Here is a new thing on our site! Other people are WELCOME to come up with these...


Correctly guess the song title that this lyric is featured in, and you WIN! What? Well, fame for one thing. Isn't THAT enough???

Here is the lyric:

"And i've been standing on the edge of me"

Get guessing!
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Lucky 7 Challenge

Ok! Challenge...7, I think! :D This time, it's all about *drumroll please* our very one, TIM! The llama lovin', karate kicking, God honoring, bass playin' Tim Foreman is in the spotlight this time!

Rules are rules and if you've forgotten them, go back and looks because my fingers are tired! :P You have two weeks! So...remind me in three weeks. ;););) Just kidding!

-two icons limt
-has to have Tim and only Tim!
-lyrics, text, animation, whatever is welcome.

Get to work!
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Fading Colors

(no subject)

Hello, I have only 6 Switchfoot icons, but they are better than nothing. (Agreed?) 
I hope you enjoy them!!

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If you take please...
+COMMENT it's nice
+CREDIT FadingColors91
+DONT HOTLINK it's mean.


p.s. Only 8 more days until my concert!!! I am so excited. haha.